Percy Gerald FELKER + Charlotte BELL

No children
Percy Gerald Felker Obituary; The Evening Telegram, Superior, WI;  13 Nov 1952.jpg
Birth: November 16, 1892Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin, USA
Death: November 12, 1952Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin, USA
Charlotte Bell Felker Gravemarker.jpg
Birth: July 5, 1895 30 30 Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin, USA
Death: April 27, 1994Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin, USA
Birth: March 22, 1865 26 17 Ontario, Canada
Death: January 1945Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin, USA
Jane Gibson Bell Obituary; The Evening Telegram, Superior, WI; 7 Feb 1950, Tues., page 6.jpg
Birth: June 26, 1865Perth, Ontario, Canada
Death: February 7, 1950Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin, USA

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