James H MILLER + Esther M. SMITH

2 children
Anna L Miller Testrix; Newark Courier-Gazette; The Marion Enterprise; Clifton Springs Press; Newark, NY; Tues, 19 Jun 1952, Page 15.JPG
Birth: March 18, 1869 41 30 Newark, Wayne, New York, USA
Death: March 29, 1952Newark, Wayne, New York, USA
Harriet A Miller Death; Democrat and Chronicle; Rochester, NY; 22 Jul 1949, Fri., page 43.jpg
Birth: February 9, 1867 39 28 Newark, Wayne, New York, USA
Death: July 21, 1949Newark, Wayne, New York, USA
James H Miller Death;  Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, NY., 30 Jun 1892, Thurs., page 5.jpg
Birth: January 5, 1828Huron, Wayne, New York, USA
Death: June 27, 1892Newark, Wayne, New York, USA
Esther Smith Miller Obituary; The Arcadian Weekly Gazette, Newark, NY; 7 Jan 1903, Wed., page 9.JPG
Birth: April 1838 36 28 New York, USA
Death: January 2, 1903Newark, Wayne, New York, USA
Daniel Smith Dies; Newark Union, Newark, NY; 11 Apr 1874, Sat.,  page 4.JPG
Birth: March 18, 1802Rensselaer, New York, USA
Death: April 7, 1874Arcadia, Wayne, New York, USA

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