Vary Family New Century Newsletter 2021

This May 2021 edition of the newsletter contains:

  • An announcement of a virtual, open-house reunion on Sunday, July 18, 2021, 2-4 PM (EDT) via Zoom. (NOT AN IN-PERSON GATHERING)
  • An invitation to RSVP. The Zoom link will be sent by email to those who request it.
  • A call for facts, family stories, and reflections
  • An offer of an introduction to Zoom and coaching to practice
  • Contact information for reunion officers and links to Vary websites

Please share this information with family members who do not have email.

100th Vary Family Reunion Photos & Videos

The 100th Vary Family reunion was held 14-15 July 2018 in Lowville, New York.  Here are links to the photos and videos taken at the event.



If you click on a photo to enlarge, you can download the full resolution image at the top right (3 dots > Download), or by hitting SHIFT+D on your keyboard.  If you wish to download the videos, you can utilize this plugin in the Firefox browser.

If you have any additional media to contribute to the collection, please contact the administrator of this site at varyfamilygeni -[at]-

Prizes that won’t be awarded!

According to old reunion minutes, among the prizes awarded were the man with the longest foot, the woman with the smallest foot, the man with the largest waist, the woman with the smallest waist, and the oldest person with their own teeth!  Don’t worry.  These awards will NOT be resurrected for the 100th!

Website Now Available

Thanks to my son Shay’s expert step-by-step instructions by cell phone, this site is now available!  I hope you visit it often and enjoy preparing for our 100th reunion!  11 months and counting …