Lowville NY

Saturday , 14 July 2018

  • Memorial Service in Fairview Cemetery
  • Visit to the Lewis County Historical Society
  • Gift Concert to the Community with Peg Dolan at the Village Bandstand

Sunday, 15 July 2018

100TH Reunion at the Ridge View Inn

  • Registration, Meet & Greet
  • M&M Guessing Game
  • Family History & Genealogy Displays
  • Catered Luncheon
  • Group Photo
  • Awards & Recognition Ceremony
  • Sing-Along of Old Familiar Reunion Tunes
  • Door Prizes
  • Old-Time Games
  • Commemorative Memorabilia
  • Silent & Regular Auctions
  • Watermelon Fest


Get Involved


Make this 100th reunion an opportunity to re-connect with your living relatives of all ages.

  • Plan a mini-reunion with them!
  • Pick up the phone and call your cousins, or aunts and uncles, or grandparents!
  • Reminisce about previous reunions and times you were together.
  • Anticipate meeting the younger generations for the first time.
  • If possible, offer to carpool or pick up a relative on your way.
  • Encourage each other to meet up at the 100th.


  1. Make sure the Planning Team has your current email address.
  2. Visit the VARY FAMILY GENEALOGY website
  3. Submit genealogy updates to the Vary Family Administrator (varyfamilygeni@gmail.com).
  4. Submit family-related stories, memoirs, or poetry to the Planning Team for possible inclusion in a commemorative book about the 100th Reunion.
  5. Volunteer to help.  We will need Greeters, Parking Attendants, Registrars, Leaders of Children’s Activities, a Guitar Player, Technology Advisors, Genealogy Consultants, Cleaner-Uppers, a Videographer, Watermelon Distributors, a Peanut Hunt Coordinator, and more.  Let us know your interest and we’ll find a spot for you!
  6. Reach out to the younger members of your family.  Involve them in conversations about the family.  Tell them stories.  Look at photos together.
  7. Review your Vary Family Tree with the next generation.
  8. Need a family tree?  Request one from the Vary Family Administrator (varyfamilygeni@gmail.com).
  9. Join the countdown and make it memorable!


  • Service members will be honored at the Memorial Service in Fairview Cemetery on Saturday, July 14th, 2018.
  • Please let the Planning Team know about your family members who have served or are serving our country.  Full name, rank, branch of service, conflict (if it applies), location, and years of service.





The first annual Vary Family Reunion was held on August 6th, 1918, in Boonville, Oneida County, New York, initiated by a small group of Vary relatives under the leadership of John B. Vary, age 85, of Nahant, Massachusetts.  Since then, descendants of Samuel Vary (b. 1740) of Stephentown NY have met every year, except for 1943 when gas was rationed for pleasure use.

This website has been set up in preparation for the 100th Vary Family Reunion in 2018 and beyond,  If you are a Vary descendant, please use it to

  • access information about the reunion and family history
  • keep up to date on news about the reunion
  • find ways to prepare for the reunion, and
  • get involved!


Prizes that won’t be awarded!

According to old reunion minutes, among the prizes awarded were the man with the longest foot, the woman with the smallest foot, the man with the largest waist, the woman with the smallest waist, and the oldest person with their own teeth!  Don’t worry.  These awards will NOT be resurrected for the 100th!

Website Now Available

Thanks to my son Shay’s expert step-by-step instructions by cell phone, this site is now available!  I hope you visit it often and enjoy preparing for our 100th reunion!  11 months and counting …


Joanne Vary Schwandes, Co-Chair

Suzanne Vary Anderson, Co-Chair