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"SPINNING AND WEAVING A word about our grand-mothers in this Centennial year may not be uninteresti…

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"SPINNING AND WEAVING A word about our grand-mothers in this Centennial year may not be uninteresting to some of our readers. For the information and benefit of some of our modern house-keepers, and Young ladies especially, we publish the following, showing what can be accomplished by some of our pioneer mothers in their old age. Mrs. Willard Green, of West Martinsburgh. whose age is nearly four score years, the mother of eleven children, seven boys and four girls, all grown up and respected citizens, has, between April 24,1875, and February 22,1876, spun 350 runs of woolen yarn, woven 175 yards of rag carpet and 165 yards of flannel, besides attending to house work. A few years since, we are informed, the same lady wove, within twelve months, 650 yards of flannel and carpeting, and spun 550 runs of yarn, besides performing all the household duties of a family of four persons, and making the butter from six cows. Go and do likewise." From the Lowville Journal & Republican (16 Aug 1876). Harriet Jones Green died at the home of her son, Alfred, in West Martinsburg.

Claribel Vary Jardine had a ladder-back rocking chair that had belonged to Harriet Jones Green and in which she had rocked her 12 babies. Claribel gave it to her granddaughter, Suzanne Kay Streifert Harris in 1983.

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Harriet JONES
January 31, 180122012April 20, 188513584West Martinsburg, Lewis, New York, USAJanuary 6, 2017 - 5:57:44 p.m.