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Skaneateles, Sept 23, 1922

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Skaneateles, Sept 23, 1922 Dear Friend, I received your letter some time since & wish I might give you some information regarding the Family Tree that you are working on. My Father Henry Vary & his elder brother Charles, came to this locality [Skaneateles] in about 1830. They had a shop in the place called Borodino about 8 miles from Skaneateles on the shore of the lake by that name. I never remember of my father going back to Stephentown to visit or never heard him say any thing about his father Simeon's brothers or sisters, so I cannot help you in the least. It seems, as I think of it, that those two boys left their home & started out by themselves, and shook the rest of the family for good. My Father's sister Esther came to live at out home in Skaneateles after her husband died & was with us until my father died in June 1870. Later she went to Stephentown where her brother Jerry & family were living & died there. My wife and I visited them later in the 70's & still later I went to Aunt Esther's funeral. Since then I have not kept track of Uncle Jerry's family & do not know if any are living. I would like to have been at the reunion last Aug. but did not feel very well. I am able to do some light work in the garden & about the place. We are still in camp on the Lake Shore six miles from town & have had a find garden during the summer, as well as a variety of fruit. Respectfully, [signed] Henry H. Vary

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Henry Harvey VARY
March 6, 1841180Skaneateles, Onondaga, New York, USA4December 4, 19239782October 7, 2020 - 9:48:45 a.m.