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45th Vary Family Reunion 21 July 1963

Front Row Squatting/Sitting on Ground (not standing, and not on stairs):

  1. Roger Lee Vary
  2. Albert Roberts
  3. Nancy Carol (Vary) Roberts
  4. Thomas Fay Vary (sitting cross-legged)
  5. Gregory Alan Jardine (boy held by father)
  6. Alan David Jardine (father holding boy)
  7. Carole Marjorie Haines
  8. Joanne Kay Vary (Posas) (Schwandes)
  9. ? Ver’Schneider
  10. Suzanne Kay Vary (Whitehurst) (Anderson) (little girl kneeling behind two girls sitting)
  11. ? Ver’Schneider
  12. ? Ver’Schneider
  13. ? Ver’Schneider
  14. Eleanor Janet (Vary) Ver’Schneider
  15. Russell Vary Haines (sitting sideways, dark sneakers)

Standing Group to Left of Railing:

  1. George M. Vary
  2. Fay W. Vary
  3. “Friddie” Mary Fridiswid (Jones) Vary – wife of George M. Vary
  4. Kenneth Mason Vary
  5. Lena Mae (Green) Vary
  6. Mason Webster Vary Jr.
  7. Viola Grace (Bickford) Vary
  8. Marjorie Beavan (Vary) Haines
  9. Vera Ann (Loucks) Vary
  10. Richard George Vary

Standing Group to Right of Railing:

  1. (white hair, tie, glasses case in shirt pocket)
  2. Irene (Vary) Manzer
  3. David Frank Jardine
  4. Claribel Ruth (Vary) Jardine
  5. Muriel?
  6. (baby girl down low in diaper) Brenda Lynn Manzer (Burdeaux)
  7. Nina (Pleskach) Vary – wife of E. Gerald Vary
  8. James “Jim” Frederick Manzer
  9. Kay (Hopple) Manzer – wife of “Jim” Manzer
  10. (little boy down low) Randy James Manzer
  11. Willett Adoniram Vary (1913) – Reunion President that year

Seated Group on Staircase:

Row 1:

  1. (mother holding baby) Nancy (Murdock) Jardine – wife of Alan David Jardine
  2. (baby held by mother) Grant David Jardine
  3. Lois Claribel Jardine (Rutallie)
  4. Betty (DeLano) Vary – wife of Willette A. Vary
  5. Floyd Manzer

Row 2:

  1. (father holding boy) Maurice Raymond Vary Sr
  2. (boy held by father) Donald Glenn Vary
  3. (baby held by mother) Holly Jean Vary (Houghtaling) (Lyndaker) – Prize Baby
  4. (mother w/ baby) Margaret Rose (Waugh) Vary – wife of Maurice “Raymond” Vary Jr
  5. Dorothea Mae (Bellinger) Vary – wife of Harold Augustus Vary
  6. (boy held by grandfather) Maurice “Raymond” Vary Jr
  7. (grandfather holding boy) Harold Augustus Vary

Row 3:

  1. Paul Manzer
  2. Mark Manzer
  3. (dark haired woman in glases and pearls)

Row 4:

  1. Sally Manzer (Roseboom)
  2. Helen Marguerite (Hess) Parrish

Standing on Porch:

  1. DeLena “Lena” (Vary) Lewis
  2. Charles J. Vary? (Granddaughter Lisa Vary doesn’t think this is Charles J. Vary.)
  3. (little girl in white dress) Cheryl Manzer (Burdeaux)
  4. Virginia (Adams) Vary – wife of Steven Sheldon Vary
  5. Steven Sheldon Vary (b.1885)
  6. Stella A. (Lasher) Rowsam
  7. Mary “Mamie” (Miner) Vary – 3rd wife of Kent Vary
  8. Kent G. Vary
  9. E. Gerald Vary?

Otis Parrish most probably was somewhere in this picture.

• Maiden name is in parentheses before the last name of a married woman, if she was married at the time of the photo. • Married name is in parentheses after the last name of a girl if the photo was taken before she was married.

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