Vary Family

Willett A. Vary & Ida Belle Webster

Willett Adoniram VARYAge: 78 years18661944

Willett Adoniram VARY
Birth July 21, 1866 39 34
Death of a fatherWillett VARY Jr
August 1, 1870 (Age 4 years)
Marriage of a parentJohn B. VARYMaria Ann WILSONView this family
September 15, 1871 (Age 5 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherWillett VARY
March 22, 1875 (Age 8 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherMary Ann BUSH
October 13, 1882 (Age 16 years)
MarriageIda Belle WEBSTERView this family
September 30, 1884 (Age 18 years)
Birth of a son
Fay Willett VARY
June 8, 1889 (Age 22 years)
Birth of a son
Ray Truman VARY
June 8, 1889 (Age 22 years)
Birth of a son
George Masters VARY
June 24, 1893 (Age 26 years)
Birth of a son
Mason Webster VARY Sr.
September 23, 1894 (Age 28 years)
Farmer, 146 acres, 18 Holstein cows, maple orchard 325 trees
1895 (Age 28 years)

Marriage of a childFay Willett VARYLena Mae GREENView this family
September 29, 1909 (Age 43 years)
Marriage of a childRay Truman VARYRuth M. ALLENView this family
September 14, 1910 (Age 44 years)
Death of a motherMaria Ann WILSON
January 2, 1915 (Age 48 years)
Marriage of a childGeorge Masters VARYMary Fridiswid JONESView this family
August 11, 1915 (Age 49 years)
Marriage of a childMason Webster VARY Sr.Vera Ann LOUCKSView this family
October 22, 1919 (Age 53 years)
Note: Married in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arba J. Loucks, parents of the bride.
Death of a wifeIda Belle WEBSTER
April 24, 1934 (Age 67 years)
Death October 4, 1944 (Age 78 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: April 16, 1854Harrisburg, Lewis, New York, USA
7 years
elder sister
6 years
Mother’s family with John B. VARY - View this family
Marriage: September 15, 1871Harrisburg, Lewis, New York, USA
Family with Ida Belle WEBSTER - View this family
Marriage: September 30, 1884Harrisburg, Lewis, New York, USA
5 years
Ray T. & Ruth Allen VaryRay Truman VARY
Birth: June 8, 1889 22 23Harrisburg, Lewis, New York, USA
Death: June 8, 1962Copenhagen, Lewis, New York, USA
4 years
15 months
Mason W. & Vera Loucks VaryMason Webster VARY Sr.
Birth: September 23, 1894 28 28Harrisburg, Lewis, New York, USA
Death: November 26, 1961Brantingham Lake, Lewis, New York, USA

Shared note

He was a Golden Sheaf member of Harrisburg Grange, No. 55; a member of the Lowville Baptist Church; and a member and past noble grand of Copenhagen Odd Fellows lodge.

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Media objectWillett Adoniram Vary Obituary; The Lowville Leader, Lowville, NY; Thurs., 5 Oct 1944, Page 4...JPG
Willett Adoniram Vary Obituary; The Lowville Leader, Lowville, NY; Thurs., 5 Oct 1944, Page 4...JPG
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