Vary Family

Florence Mae Kirkland in Dark Dress

Florence Mae KIRKLANDAge: 76 years18991976

Florence Mae KIRKLAND
Birth May 18, 1899 29 23

Birth of a son
Carl William VARY
March 28, 1921 (Age 21 years)
Birth of a son
John Alvin VARY
July 13, 1928 (Age 29 years)
Source: Daughter Katherine Vary Becker
Death of a fatherJames H. KIRKLAND
January 12, 1937 (Age 37 years)
Cause: Cardiovascular Disease
Source: Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1938 and Deaths Overseas, 1939-1947
Death of a motherMargaret Jane HAMMOND
February 1947 (Age 47 years)
Death of a husbandThomas William VARY
May 20, 1971 (Age 72 years)
Cause: Heart Attack
Death April 9, 1976 (Age 76 years)
Cause of death: Heart Attack
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Marriage: September 13, 1893Hepworth, Bruce, Ontario, Canada
6 years
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Carl William VaryCarl William VARY
Birth: March 28, 1921 25 21Amabel, Bruce, Ontario, Canada
Death: December 27, 1985Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario, Canada
7 years
JohnAlvinVary1928.jpgJohn Alvin VARY
Birth: July 13, 1928 32 29Amabel, Bruce, Ontario, Canada
Death: November 30, 2013Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario, Canada

Shared note

Flo lived in a small cottage on the back end of their son Carl's property in Owen Sound. She died of a heart attack.

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