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John Henry VAREY1878

John Henry VAREY
Given names
John Henry
Birth 1878 40 36
Birth of a sisterIda May VAREY
May 26, 1884 (Age 6 years)
Death of a motherLouisa BOSLEY
1884 (Age 6 years)
Death of a sisterMary Jane VAREY
1892 (Age 14 years)
Marriage of a parentWilson VAREYPreshiu Anna StockwellView this family
March 1893 (Age 15 years)
Death of a fatherWilson VAREY
1897 (Age 19 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherElizabeth Mary ADAIR
January 20, 1900 (Age 22 years)
MarriageMable Estella RIFEView this family
February 22, 1907 (Age 29 years)

Birth of a son
Emery Robinson VAREY
February 1, 1908 (Age 30 years)
Source: California Federal Naturalization Records 1843-1999
Birth of a son
Foster Farland VAREY
September 11, 1909 (Age 31 years)
Death of a sisterIda May VAREY
December 18, 1924 (Age 46 years)

Death of a brotherWilliam Henry VAREY
1937 (Age 59 years)
Death of a sisterJessie Angeline VAREY
November 11, 1942 (Age 64 years)
Death of a sisterHannah Margaret VAREY
November 5, 1952 (Age 74 years)
Death of a sonEmery Robinson VAREY
March 18, 1961 (Age 83 years)
Death of a wifeMable Estella RIFE
April 14, 1962 (Age 84 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: September 28, 1864Bosanquet Twp, Lambton, Ontario, Canada
13 months
elder sister
2 years
elder brother
William H Vary son of Wilson VaryWilliam Henry VAREY
Birth: 1867 29 25Bosanquet Twp, Lambton, Ontario, Canada
Death: 1937Sacramento, Sacramento, California, USA
3 years
elder sister
2 years
elder sibling
Albert Wilson VAREY
Birth: June 2, 1871 33 29Ontario, Canada
Death: May 6, 1873Grand Bend, Lambton, Ontario, Canada
4 years
elder sister
3 years
younger sister
Father’s family with Preshiu Anna Stockwell - View this family
Anna Stockwell Varey Nehus Notice to Creditors; The Ward County Independent, Minot, ND; 15 Feb 1917, Thurs., Page 27.jpgPreshiu Anna Stockwell
Birth: April 5, 1846Fair Haven, Cayuga, New York, USA
Death: November 17, 1916Sheridan County, North Dakota, USA
Marriage: March 1893Ward County, North Dakota, USA
Family with Mable Estella RIFE - View this family
Marriage: February 22, 1907
11 months
Emery Robinson VAREY
Birth: February 1, 1908 30 20Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada
Death: March 18, 1961West Covina, Los Angeles, California, USA
19 months
Foster Farland VAREY
Birth: September 11, 1909 31 22Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada
Death: February 21, 1998Minot, Ward, North Dakota, USA

Shared note

John Henry Vary (sometimes referred to as John R. Vary) married Mable Rife. John's sister Ida May Vary married Mable Rife's brother Alfred Maurice Rife. So brother and sister Vary married sister and brother Rife.

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